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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

It’s that time! Not only will you be cleaning out your garage and going through your garden, but it is important to take care of what protects your home. Your roof should be regularly cleaned in order to prolong its life and keep your home safe. Follow along with this spring cleaning checklist for your roof!

1.) Clean Out Gutters

After each season it is important to clean leaves, moss, or other items from your gutters. When gutters get clogged up, it can lead to water overflowing during heavy rain, which can lead to water damage for both your house and roof.

2.) Trim Nearby Trees

If there are any nearby trees or bushes that create too much shade on your roof, it may be time to cut them back. When your roof is constantly in a shaded environment, it creates a haven for moss growth and moisture, which causes damage to your roof in the long run. If branches are touching the roof, it is definitely time to trim them. The scraping on the branches can cause shingles to become loose or lose the granules on them, making them not as effective on doing their job.

3.) Clean Your Roof

Moss, leaves, or fungus on your roof can be very harmful to your roof. Once you have trimmed nearby trees, it is important to clean off your roof carefully to protect it. GAF recommends “a treatment of chlorine bleach or copper sulfate solution applied with a garden sprayer can kill the mold” but be sure to not power wash shingles as it causes unnecessary strain on them and can cause granules to come loose.

4.) Examine Your Roof and Home

If you have spotted any leaks inside your home, check your attic to see if they are coming in from your roof. If so, call a roofing contractor, such as ourselves, to fully inspect the roof to see where the problem areas are and what the remedy is.