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Considering a white Roof?

In recent years, white roofs have made an appearance locally. In addition to them being aesthetically pleasing, they also have many benefits to the homeowner. So, what are these white roofs, and why are they suddenly showing up around here?

What are they?

White/light colored roofs are growing in popularity because of their cooling effects in the home- they reflect the sun’s rays, rather than absorb them. They can be done with shingles or metal and are a modern, eco-friendly option to roofing. Most commonly seen in areas with hotter climates, these roofs have many benefits.


White roofs can have a surface temperature up to 50 degrees cooler than a dark roof. This causes the interior of the home to be cooler as well- saving you money during the summer months on your air conditioning. White roofs are most cost efficient in areas where there is more heat- as the roof still has a cooling effect in the winter months. In the Charleston area, most of the year we experience hot temperatures, so a white roof WOULD be effective for saving money.


The reflection of sunlight by light colored roofs also means the reflection of UV and infrared radiation. These rays over time will damage the roofing materials and create a need for occasional maintenance- however, because of the reflective characteristic of white roofs, they will last much longer than traditional dark ones.


As mentioned before, white roofs will last significantly longer than dark roofs. This means that it creates less waste because it does not have to be repaired/replaced as often. In addition to the waste aspect of the roof, the more obvious benefit is that it promotes cooling. The reflective nature of the color reduces heat build up in the area and can lower local temperatures.

Another aspect of the environmental benefits goes back to the use of less energy.
Less energy used = Less fossil fuels burned to generate the energy = Less greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere = Cooler planet!

If you are interested in getting your roof replaced for a lighter color, or need any repairs on your current roof, contact us today! We are more than happy to answer any questions and find the best fit for your home.

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