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Benefits of skylights

Skylights aren’t just for a nice aesthetic look in homes, they offer many benefits to homeowners. They offer great benefits that help pay back their own cost over the years.

Energy Efficiency

Skylights let in natural light which helps homeowners cut back on their energy bill. Just imagine having an extra window in a dark room in your home, how much would it help to have extra sunlight shining through?

Save Money

Not only do skylights improve energy efficiency, but it means that money is saved on the energy bill. There are also often government sponsored incentives for homeowners to install solar powered skylights and blinds!


Having proper ventilation in your home is important for fresh air that keeps the spirits up! Ventilation also helps provide healthy and comfortable indoor air and ensures good thermal comfort. Skylights can especially help with ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens instead of solely relying on fans.


Windows are great at letting in light, but they also let nosy passerbys look in your windows. Skylights help alleviate the privacy issue while still letting in sunlight. In fact, 65% of homebuyers request light from above through skylights in their bathroom.

Visual Appeal

Adding extra sunlight into a room can instantly liven it up. Not only does extra light help give a room a facelift, but going out of the ordinary of plain wall windows will help give your room character. Velux Skylights also offer custom blinds so they can be seamlessly incorporated with your existing aesthetic.


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