Keep Your Roof in Check

Keep Your Roof in Check

Find roofing maintenance services in Mount Pleasant, SC

Do you know what condition your roof is in? You don’t have pull out the ladder and make an assessment yourself. Leave the work to Willow Ash Roofing of Mount Pleasant, SC. We complete roof repairs, and we offer roof maintenance contracts to assess your gutters and check for leaks, holes and damage. This maintenance program is covered by a 15-year labor warranty.

Contact us at 843-557-7663 to find out about our roof maintenance contracts.

3 ways roof damage can affect your home

The condition of your roof is important to the structure and safety of your home. Here are a few consequences of neglecting to maintain your roof:

  1. The structure of your home can be compromised by rot
  2. Your home can become infested with insects and small animals
  3. Your belongings and furniture can be destroyed by water damage

You can count on Willow Ash Roofing to maintain your Mount Pleasant, SC roof.